Sunday, May 1, 2011

Picking an exterior house color, after a hail storm

I think picking the color of the exterior of your house is as hard as picking the right car to purchase. I am going to be 'stuck' with this decision for a few years at least.

One night in April we experienced a horrible hail storm.


From it we ended up with broken windows, a totaled roof, totaled gutters, damage to our fence and our house now needs to be repainted. Thank goodness for insurance.
We have already had our roof and gutters completely replaced. And have decided since we are painting our house we will make a color change (we were never fond of the green when we bought the house).

Picking a house color is so tough. One of my friends had a house that turned PINK after the house was in the sun for a few years. So I want to be sure I pick a color that is going to look good for years to come. I am thinking gray, white trim (and garage doors) and black door and shutters (we don't have shutters now but I think some may help balance our house out)... Suggestions anyone?

Spring Color

I wanted to bring some spring colors in my house... you should have seen my husbands disbelief with this one! ;0) He was speechless! I told him I am going to continue paining it different colors with the seasons and I think he was relieved that our step stool wouldn't always be this color.

This color reminds me of the sea. I guess you can say I am missing the ocean. I love bright colors and my walls are warm and neutral. I think we all deserve to have some fun with colors every once in a while don't you? Besides I am the one that uses this stool to get up into my top kitchen cabinets.. he is fortunate enough to be super tall!

Here was the stool before...