Monday, January 9, 2012

Yoga is Amazing!

I have been wanting to learn how to do yoga for years but I just didn't know where to begin. I bought a groupon for a month of unlimited yoga and finally started  at the end of last year (because I didn't want to not complete that resolution!). I figured I would just learn what I needed to and start doing it at home.. but I am really enjoying the classes.

YOGA is amazing!

I am not a flexible person by any means, so I thought it would be a perfect new challenge for me, and it has proven to be.

I wasn't sure where I would fit it into my schedule. so I found a time I'm usually not even awake...5:30am! I started doing it a few times a week and I can't get over how great it makes me feel.

Yoga makes me feel...
In Control

I look forward to every opportunity I get to practice yoga on my pretty mat. Somehow the moments I'm on that mat make every other moment of my life more enjoyable.

If you haven't tried yoga you should... it is truly AMAZING!