Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bathroom Cleaning- Organized Bucket

With 5 bathrooms to clean now (which include 7 sinks, yikes!) I've decided to get my cleaning supplies a bit more organized.

Now I have all of my bathroom cleaning supplies in one bucket so I can just pick it up on the day I have assigned to clean bathrooms and do my rounds.

I have my bucket clearly labeled so no one decides to dump it and use it for another purpose. I also put a laminated "Bathroom Cleaning Checklist" so if anyone else is assigned bathrooms they will know exactly what needs done.
See below for what I am keeping in my bathroom bucket.

First, toilet bowl cleaner and a brush. I used to have a brush by every toilet but then I decided that was just gross. I never got around to disinfecting them all, the bathroom harbors so many germs and I had to move it to sweep and mop around anyhow. So that is the reason I now use one, I can bleach the one when I finish cleaning all of the bathrooms.
 Next is my shower and tub cleaner, sponge and expandable scrubbing tool.
 Followed by Windex and a squeegee. I have tried many glass cleaners and have never found one I like as well as Windex. And since I use Windex on the facets I like this multi-surface antibacterial Windex best for the bathrooms.
 Usually the boys empty all of the trashes in the house but I do keep a baggie of trash bags in case I need to collect trash from the bathrooms (no reason to make multiple trips out with the trash cans I just dump it in a bag and continue filling up the bag). I included rubber gloves in the bucket as well because you will never see me cleaning without them on!

And the last thing I made to keep in the ziplock bag are some reminders to leave behind in the boys bathrooms that I wrote on index cards. Here are examples of the ones I will be using this week.

So there you have it, my bucket of bathroom supplies.
I sweep and mop the bathroom floors every other time I clean the bathrooms (unless they look like they need it!). So if i need to mop I grab my MOP BUCKET.
 In my mop bucket I have an all purpose cleaning solution that I use and my mop. I fill this bucket up with hot water and make the rounds after the bathrooms are clean. Since I actually use the bucket I don't keep anything else in it.

What kind of system do you have for cleaning your bathrooms?


Anonymous said...

Great Idea! I have three bathrooms and each one has it's own cleaning supplies, etc. Takes up a lot of room!


Suz said...

I won't even go there except to say that I am doing a lot better job than I used to but I do want to say that I found your notes to the boys just hilarious! I grew up with four brothers and know well what you are speaking of!!!
Hugs and smiles,

Deb {Confessions of an Ugly Mom} said...

Where did you find your shower/tub expandable scrubbing tool? I've been to Walmart, Lowes and our grocery looking for one. What brand is it? Does it have disposable scrubbers?

Good system!


Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

Hi Amy, I love organizing! It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and when everything is organized I feel better! Hence my blog name--I am trying to resist the urge to get everything finished before I have fun. I have 5 full and 3 half baths, and try to keep a full set of supplies in the undersink cabinet in hopes that everyone will tend to his or her own bath. While some spritzing does happen, I am usually doing the big stuff! Have a great day. Linda

Lindy said...

Love your organizational ideas. Love you little notes as well. So cute and funny!

Kay K said...

I keep cleaning supplies in each bathroom tucked out of the way and also those lysol wipes or colorox wipes for just a quick wipe
I always use something that has colorox in it
I am a pine sol, lysol and clorox fanatic
I am the cleaner my sister once told me you could never have someone clean your house as no one would clean like you would want !!

Eddy Wisseman said...

Oh, that's a very good way to clean your bathroom! It's very effective. Organization is the key if you want to get some cleaning done quickly and thoroughly.

jack said...

I have my bucket clearly labeled so no one decides to dump it and use it for another purpose.
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