Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Inexpensive Perennial Garden

My new perennial garden (photo taken in harsh sun, but I was excited to show you)..

If you keep your eyes open a lot of stores are starting to close out their flowers and not just annuals, perennials too. The perennials they are closing out really need to get in the ground and may not have the best show this year.. but next year.. and the year after... and years to come, they will be beautiful!

A friend of mine ran across a huge variety marked down to $1 each! I'm not sure if she was just thinking about me or overwhelmed by the 40+ plants that she had in her garage that needed to get in the ground, but she shared! ;)

I had a corner of my backyard that was boring and needing some attention. Okay, yes most of my backyard is boring, but we've gone over that before. We bought the house 1 year ago and we can't do EVERYTHING at once.

So after shopping in my friends garage, (which I have done many times) I ended up with a great variety of perennials. Tickseed, catmint, speedwell, cooky, jacobs ladder, salvia, columbine, etc

I thought I better add a shrub in the mix so I picked up a beautiful hibiscus (our Home Depot has all shrubs 50% off), for $7.50.

It turned out very nice, but I want to fast forward to next year and see them all in bloom.

I moved my angel from my wild flower garden because those flowers grew so tall they were hiding it.

Happy Gardening!


Petie said...

Thanks for stopping by. AND, thanks for the tip that the nurseries are putting their flowers on sale...good time to buy.

Exploring your blog further makes me realize you have some great recipes I need to try :)

Laura said...

Thanks for the tip on Sale plants! I have a few "bare" areas in my daughter's butterfly garden that are just itching to be filled in with some shasta daisies, coneflower, and echinacea. Hope I can find some on sale!