Sunday, September 18, 2011


Apple Sauce... Apple Cider... Carmel Apples... Apple Pie... Apple Crisp
Those are some of the things I am anticipating baking/ making as soon as I get my hands on some fresh locally grown apples.

I am patiently waiting for a local orchard (only 15 miles away) to announce that their apples are reading for picking! Then my husband and I are going to make an outing of it and come home and bake together.

Does anyone have apple recipe(s) they would like to share?


Torie Reed said...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!!! Anything apple sounds delicious!! I think I have a couple recipes I can bring to you this week!! Hope you had a great weekend!

Susan said...

Oh, Amy, all of those sound fabulous.

You are so lucky you can eat those without gaining weight! I love apple betty and apply pie and turnovers, too.

Lexa said...

No recipes to share I am afraid but I too am looking forward to apple season!