Thursday, September 15, 2011

Motorcycle Day Trip

We took a motorcycle day trip to Weston, MO. I told you about a trip we took there in April 2010.

This time we meet up with my hubby's best friend and his wife and we all went up there.
We did about the same things as we did last time, visit the winery, shopped for antiques, ate lunch at the Irish restaurant O'Malley's. Only this time we happened upon an auction.. I was soooo bummed our saddle bags were so little! Antiques were practically being given away and I only ended up with one thing! Truth be known if I hadn't been on a motorcycle I would have bid on that stop light you see and this picture.. and what in the world would have have done with it?!

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Susan said...

Hi Amy...Ohhhh, that sounded like fun. I would have loved the auction, too. What WOULD you have done with that stop light? Susan from