Saturday, April 10, 2010

What a beautiful day for a day trip on the motorcycle!

With a high in the mid 70s (and no rain clouds on radar) it was a perfect day for a day trip! We left this morning and returned 7 hours later, and what a great time we had!

We rode to Weston, a small historic town in Missouri.
We ate lunch at a great Irish restaurant (O'Malley's), had some fish and chips (fries) and one of their brewed beers. Then we ventured around town.
I REALLY think this fountain would make a nice additional to our landscape... but at a price of $1,000 I passed it by. I told myself I just couldn't get it home on a motorcycle. :)
We daydreamed about having a pond in our backyard someday. This was an interesting one!
And I thought this garden work table would be pretty neat to have. I reminded myself again that we rode a motorcycle. That which seems to be helping my pocket book.

Next we went antiquing downtown. I wondered if I could maybe find something that could fit in our motorcycle saddle bag.
I thought maybe this store would be the place to find it.
I searched high and low.. but no luck finding a new addition to our home. Probably because the soon to be hubby was watching me (it's much more fun to sneak things in the house and see if he notices them!).
I will say, downtown Weston is a fun place to window shop.
They even had live Jazz music on the street to enjoy for a bit!
I am falling in love with Magnolia trees this year. I want to plant one! I plan to research them a bit more and see if I have an ideal spot for one.
Our day trip was perfect, but it was also nice to return home. (Note: I ride on the back of the motorcycle, and we always wear helmets. This was a photo after returning home when I realized we didn't have a picture on the cycle!)


Wendy said...

Looks like a fun and great day! You'll have to get a small trailer for the back of the bike for your treasures you find :)

Christy said...

I feel in love with today b/c the weather was so beautiful, and I couldn't resist going on a little road trip myself, so I was glad to see a fellow blogger out enjoying life on the road today. :O) Maybe I'll head north next time towards Weston, it looks like a precious little town!

icandy... said...

OMG, girl!!!
I could have met you there for COFFEE! We are only 25 min. from Weston~ we go there all the time! That is such a fantastic little town, is that the Wine Bar/ hotel behind the band? I treat myself to a dirty martini every time we go there. The kids used to love to run around in that park down the hill! :)
You definitely picked an awesome place for lunch, O'Malley's is such a unique spot... in fact, my father did the woodcarved signs in the downstairs years ago!

It looks like a beautiful day, hope that you had fun!

Alea said...

I spent the weekend in Kansas City and it was gorgeous! The weather was perfect and there was so much in bloom. It was hard to leave!

Jeni said...

How fun! What a great way to enjoy the weather. My dad has a motorcycle and he always has taken me on rides...I love it...except on the turns that make me feel like we are going to fall...we never do but I squeal everytime.

Karen said...

Is that a Harley? (I'm terrible, I can't tell by just glancing, it has to SAY Harley Davidson on it for me to be sure.
We have one too. It is so nice to ride. Except I don't like the freeways. I'll take the back road or just a highway - but the freeway makes me nervous.
We have a helmet law in California. And I have learned to always wear my boots which is hard to do when it's hot. But - your feet are the first thing down . . . so . . . I wear my boots. Hopefully they'll never be tested!
Enjoyed this! Bummer you couldn't find a way to sneak a little something into one of the bags . . . (hehehe) I mean, that's what they're for right?
HAGD! Karen

True :) said...

Looks like a fun ride. Our Harley is in the shop this weekend getting new tires and a tune-up. Wold have been nice to get a few bugs on the chaps!
When we go on trips like this, I try to pack everything we need in the saddlebags then I can shop until the once empty T-bag is full! LOL!
True :D