Sunday, April 4, 2010

Landscaping work continues

Over the weekend we continued where we left off with our front landscaping last fall. It sure is a long slow process.

Below is what we started out with (when we bought our house last year). A LOT of shrubs of all kinds (7 different varieties to be exact!), just all crowding into one another. So many different kinds, and no idea what the plan was when they were orginally planted.  Everything was just so sporadic and in no particular order. Very unpleasing to the eye if you ask me, unless you are going for the 'wild' look.

We first started by removing the large evergreen that was covering what little front porch we have. That in it's self made a HUGE difference! We did that the very first weekend we had possession.

Then the thinning of the shrubs on the left side of the front door began. What to keep and what not to keep that is the question. We decided this weekend to add a few feet to that landscape area so we pulled up the black plastic divider and brought it out. Hoping maybe things would feel a little less crowded.

We then transplated a few shrubs to different locations on our lot. I am still unsure about the one tree like plant under the window (there were two and we took one out last year)... now I'm thinking about taking out the other. I am not even sure what is is. I was hoping for some beautiful spring flowers to make it worth keeping, but so far no sign of any.  I wish I had a total clean slate, but we get what we get! Having my hands in the dirt is keeping my mind off the vegetable garden I really wanted to start this year, but just don't think I have the time to commit.


Patty said...

I sure like your determination! It's a lot of hard work and you'll see how it pays off when you get the results your looking for...
Sure you can have a start of the yellow bush! If I were you...I would start a Herb garden with Basil, chives, rosemary the thyme and oh yes, lavendar (smells so good!) and some butterfly bushes.

Susan said...

Oh, removing that big evergreen did make a huge difference, Amy. Nice job. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Susan

A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful family!!!!