Friday, August 20, 2010

Junior High and High School- they are growing up way too fast!

It's a big year at our house! Our sons are now in junior high and in high school.  And watch out.. another teen driver on the road. Just kidding, our teen is an EXCELLENT driver! I am so proud of both of my sons, they are just amazing! Welcome to a new school year for all of you that have kids, and the return of all those flashing school zone lights for all of you that don't. :)


Susan said...

Enjoy each moment with your boys while you still have them with you, Amy. Trust me. When they are gone, you will miss them deeply. Susan

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Oh my heck, don't they grow up fast. I have one in their last year of elementary, 1 in their last year at Jr. High, and 1 in last year of High school. Crazy. Time flies, I guess we better enjoy them while they are still here. You have two very cute boys.

Petie said...

Congrats! We still have 2 weeks of summer left. I have one starting Middle School and one still in Elem.

Your basement is really coming along. Love the iron spindles on the stair railing.

Jane @ Going Jane said...

It does seem to fly by, huh? My 2 oldest are just starting kindergarten & 2nd grade this week and I just shake my head in amazement! :)