Monday, February 15, 2010

I won! I won!

I am just so excited!
I didn’t think I would win anything when I entered a ton of the giveaways through One World One Heart, but I did! If you don't know what this was, you missed out. Lisa Swifka over at A Whimsical Bohemian ( created this blogger event four years ago and the concept is magnificent. Over 1,000 blogs participated this year from a total of 40 different countries. How neat is that?! Each one of the blogs gave something away, which encouraged fellow bloggers to get out there and visit other blogs, that they may not have found otherwise. I went to many of these blogs and was inspired by all of the creative people around the world.

And here are the 3 prizes I was fortunate enough to win:
Watercolour Collage with Mandarin Ducks by Annette Tait in Scotland
Follow this link to read all about it and what it symbolizes, it was meant for me!

"Mijn cadeau is een jaar lang elke maand een ansichtkaart van de plek waar ik op de 3e zaterdag van de maand ben. En dan vertel ik natuurlijk ook wat ik daar doe en hoe ik daar kwam. Juist die dingen die je in mijn blog niet zult lezen.
Bloggen is fantastisch natuurlijk, maar er gaat niets boven een gezellige groet
via de snail-mail..."

If you couldn't read that it's because it's in dutch (I told you this is fun!) Translated in english it stays...
"My present is that I will sent the winner a picture-postvard every 3th saturday of the month for a whole year. On which I will tell what I'm doing and how I got there. Things you won't read on my blog. To blog is great, but in my opinion nothing beats a picture-postcard sent by snail-mail...."

SO... I will be receiving a postcard from Holland each month over the next year. Something to look forward to! Here is the blog address of the artist, Karin that is going to be sending them...


4 handmade Thank You cards and envelopes from: