Saturday, February 13, 2010

Resale Store- New finds

I spent $4 total recently at a resale store. Here are my finds....
A few metal, handpainted pieces of artwork for a bathroom that has been in need of a special touch. Approximate size 14"x14" each.They sort of have a rustic french feel to them.

My soon to be hubby probably thinks they have a bit of a femine feel, but hey what can I say? I am girlie girl, and I like flowers! And for .99 each, I couldn't pass them up!

I also found two new corningware dishes (.49 each) and a square vase (.99). I like to snatch up interesting vases when I can. They leave my house just as fast as they arrive. I really enjoy surprising friends with arrangements.

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Robin said...

Wow, great score! I wish we had a good resale shop around here.

Thanks for visiting my OWOH fine art photography giveaway, too.