Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quilt and blanket Trunk

We are in the process of getting the basement finished, which means we have to get the final items out of there. One of those items was this nearly 8 foot long trunk that the prior home owners left behind. It is heavy and we didn't know what we were going to do with it. Well, today we gave it a new home. The soon to be hubby, my oldest son and I carried it up to our second floor landing.

It looks handmade and I have no idea what it was originally intended for. Today it became our quilt/ blanket storage. Something we have needed for a while!

It's in a central location for our bedrooms so we can now easily grab an extra blanket or pillow. When I was collecting quilts from multiple places around the house I ran across this quilt that I had sewed in the 80s with my great grandmother. What an amazing woman she was. It took us about a week and when I look at it I can still remember the many stories she told me.

I only wish we had used prettier and better coordinated material, but hey I was a kid and didn't care at the time. We used all kind of scraps that she had and the quilt is very dated looking. However, I wouldn't have traded the experience for anything!

All done and ready to move on to another project!

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Jeni said...

I hope in the near future to need a quilt storage of my own!

That quilt you made with your grandma is are lucky to have it.