Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our spring home

Since it's been raining for days and still on the chilly side, I've been working on bringing some spring inside our home. I just LOVE flowers and greenery when it's really green! Today the fertilizer went down on the grass so I hope things start turning green outside soon.

I picked up this mirror at a resale store recently for $1.99! What a steal!

As much as I like roses, can you believe I've actually never have had a rose plant outside? I might have to consider planting one this year.


Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

You should know that as I was reading through your past blogs, my hubby came in and and said, "HEY, who's got that KU bird!?!" I read your post to him and he was very impressed, and even more jealous. He's been talking about a basement mural he has planned once we finish the reno this spring. I think the garage is a much better spot. :-)

Thanks for your kind words, though I really think it was my friend Yvonne who was so inspiring ... I just keep sharing her. And you might want to reserve judgement regarding my blog name until you bump into me at Walmart. :-)

Welcome to blogging -- you're off to a wonderful start!

Robyn said...

Bringing Spring inside is absolutely gorgeous. Love those roses.