Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Starting a vegetable garden

                Here is a picture of our backyard.

Okay really it's a painting, done by my 11 year old, but it is a great illustration of our backyard. In the middle of our yard is one lonesome young tree.

My son did however, leave out the fact that we do have some large trees on our property behind what we have fenced off. So it's not quite as bare at it might seem back there. (note our trees are not green yet, this photo was from last fall, and the small tree is off to the left and not in this photo)
And now on to why I am writing about our backyard. I am in the process of planning a vegetable garden. Step one, is to decide where to plant it. Fortunately, our entire backyard has full exposure to the sun so really I could plant anywhere. And I will have the obstacle of our sprinkler system regardless where I decide to plant. The problem is, I'm not sure if I want to plant in the back of our yard so it's far from the house or closer to the house so I don't have as far to run the hose, carry equipment etc. Any suggestions?

I'm planning to start with a 10'x10' garden. I'm probably crazy to even be doing it this year, you know with a  spring wedding, the finishing of the basement, and everything else going on in my life right now. But I've had one before and I really feel at peace with the world when I can wake up and put my hands in the dirt.

I've been flipping through my seed catalogs for inspiration. I think I'm already behind in the game because most gardeners are starting seedlings inside already. Guess it's catch up time! I also found a county vegetable garden class that helps you plan what to plant for your family so you don't have a lot of waste. I am very excited about my potential garden!