Wednesday, September 1, 2010

31 lbs?!

This morning when my 10th grade son left for school it was raining and I offered him a small umbrella to take along. He said "Mom, I don't have room for anything else, I'd rather just run through the rain."

This afternoon I picked my 6th grader up from school and he was hunched over all the way to my vehicle, I soon realized it was because of the weight of his backpack. 

Tonight both of the boys went to hang out with their friends so I decided to see just how much stuff they had in their backpacks.  I could not believe how heavy they seemed, so I decided to weigh them. The 10th grader had a book that didn't fit in his backback, I weighed the book and his bag together... 30 lbs! Are you kidding me!?  Then I went on to weigh my 6th grade son's backback, 21 lbs! 

How ridiculous is that? They aren't carrying anything in those bags that aren't school related. 
Both insisted that they didn't have much in the way of homework before leaving for their friends. When they return, I look forward to hearing why they carried so much stuff home if they don't have much homework! Does anyone else worry about the weight our kids lug around these days?


Anonymous said...

As opposed to my daughter, who had so much "stuff" (library books, clothes, shoes, papers, books, more clothes, papers, cups, cans) that she had TWO lockers! Now she has her own house, God help her.


Susan said...

The heaviness of kids' backpacks is of great concern, Amy. I read an article about that, as a matter of fact. Kids need to lighten up their packs or deal with problems in their bodies later on in life.

It's the same with too loud music. They are coming up with a lot of hearing loss in young people.

Why don't you suggest to your boys to leave the books they don't need at home, in their lockers in school. Just a suggestion. Susan

Diane said...

Hubby and I weighed our DGD's backpack many years ago and it weighed 16 lbs. She was so tiny and it just broke our hearts to see her lug that thing so we bought her a backpack on wheels Ü but, for kids that have to go up and down stairs this wouldn't work, but it worked fine for her.

Suz said...

It really is a serious problem. I agree with the noise issue. I have a brother that was in a band for twelve years. He now has nerve deafness. He was, of course, right in the middle of it but it does affect those who are listening with earphones, etc. I went to one concert (child of a friend) and just about passed out at the amount of noise. Not literally...but it is overwhelming!


Makeup By LisaMarie said...

wow that's a way to work off some calories LOL!! They have big books!! Good luck to the kids in school! Hvae a great weekend!

Rockzann said...


My son, a junior, has 4 classes on "A" Days and 4 classes on "B" days. We had to get him two back packs one for each day and they still weigh a ton. He told me only use the ones on wheels, but maybe it's time he embrace his inner dork and save his back!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Those bags are way too heavy!! What to do??

Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment!

I enjoyed browsing your neat blog! Your wedding date is the same as ours, but we married in 1997.

I like what you wrote on your profile.


Pamela said...

I cringe just thinking abt it! My oldest is just in first grade and we easily have an hours worth of homework every night!! Silly me thought that teaching them to walk and talk was hard!!