Sunday, January 16, 2011

Antique Ice Skates

Last weekend I purchased some really old ice skates that were dirty inside and out. I cleaned them up to hang outside our front door. I am going to paint something on them, possibly our family name.

I figured I better get them out there while we have snow on the ground. I hope to have time to paint them sometime this week but at my current blogging rate you may not see them again until the snow melts (sorry!).


Christy said...

Those are really cool!

Susan said...

Hi Amy...Was glad to see your post. You must be very, very occupied with life. I know that blogging does take precious time. Sometimes I have to post late at night, then tumble into bed exhausted! ha! But I love writing sooooo much.

Congrats on the ice skates. You did a GREAT job of cleaning them up. They look brand new. Wonder how you DID that! Susan

middle child said...

Antique? Boy am I embarrassed. Anyway, I'd would have left them as-is, get an old sled at a sale or thrift shop, then set the sled upright and hang the skates on them as a decoration outdoors.
Oddly, all I can do is wish I was skating right now.

Patty in Oz said...

They look great! Did you polish them up?

Something about ice skating gives me a big smile. It's a heck of a lot harder than roller skating!

Hope the snow comes 'lightly' your way.