Monday, January 17, 2011

Roasting a chicken

So, the truth of the matter is.. I have always been intimidated to purchase an entire chicken to cook. I am always buying bags of frozen chicken bones or fresh chicken already cut up to meet my recipe's need. This weekend I really stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased a full chicken to roast.. and oh was it worth the trouble, it was delicious!

First I had to remove the neck (um the head is gone, couldn't they have at least removed the rest of the neck??) And I had to remove the gizzards, thankfully they weren't attached to anything. After doing those two things and getting past the pieces of hair still attached to the skin (yuck) I was able to finish the job.

 The part that looks burnt is actually just the garlic that I removed after the roasting process. I am only posting photos so I can look back and remind myself that it wasn't that hard. Can you believe for a woman in her 30s that loves to cook that this was a first!? With this one chicken I served my family chicken & mashed potatoes for lunch and chicken nachos for dinner!

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Susan said...

Hi Amy! Looks very good. Good for you! It's true that you can get at least a couple of meals out of a nice fat chicken. I usually end up making soup with the carcass. (sp?) Thanks for sharing. Susan