Monday, January 17, 2011

My 10 favorite things this winter

My ten favorite things this winter...

 1. More time with my sons. I love when they are home and inside!
 2. Snuggling with my husband, the most amazing man in the world (no joke!)
 3. Hot drinks.  (Hot Chocolate, hot tea or the occasional white mocha from Starbucks.)
 4. Warm meals.
 5. Wearing scarves.
 6. The snow! We haven't had enough to complain.
 7. The extra downtime because it's too cold to be out and about.
 8. Having a fire in the fireplace, so romantic and relaxing.
 9. Burning candles.
10. Dreaming about the spring flowers that will be here in a few months.

What are your favorite things this winter?


Amy said...

I love the crunchy sound the snow makes when you run on it. Second only to the sound of running on leaves in the fall. :)

middle child said...

How the snow lights up the evening sky and hushes the world.

Suz said...

Hi Amy,
So glad to see you are back. We are actually not in Minnesota right now. My always healthy husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of November. It was very shocking but we have been picking up the pieces and are now at Stanfird Hospital in Palo Alto where he us getting an unusual tyoe of radiation called SBRT, which we hope will be helpful. I am enjoying the nicer weather. We are hoping that Jud will become operable after this treatment. It is really his only real chance to get there and have a few more years of living.
Please remember is in your prayers.

Susan said...

Hi Amy: My 10 favorite things this winter? Hmmmm. Here goes;
1. Blogging
2. Daily crackling fires in the
3. Working on dollhouse renovations
4. Getting fresh flowers from the
supermarket for the kitchen
table---especially roses!
5. Our fabulous warm and cozy green
fleece sheets
6. Our incredible feather bed which
we are using as a "blanket."
7. Saving money on our oil bill by
using the above two items
8. Cooking soups, stews, and
delicious meals that make the
house smell delicious
9. Jumping into the whirlpool
and letting the jets soothe my
muscles when they are aching
10. Watching "Little House on the
Prairie" re-runs, Law and
Order, and anything Hallmark!

Thanks for asking, Amy. Have a great afternoon and keep cozy and warm. Susan

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