Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Braces put on today

I think someday my son will appreciate having braces... They were just put on today. I think it may be a while before the day of appreciation comes!
I hate my braces, yes I do.
If you had braces, you would too.
I can’t eat my favorite sweets,
Like sticky gum and tasty treats.
At Halloween, I must forfeit
Every chewy candy bit;
My gummy bears, my Milk Duds, too,
And all that yummy candy goo.
I watch the others with dislike,
Munching on their Mike & Ikes,
While I must feast on healthy foods,
Like cut-up apples, nasty prunes.
I hate my braces, yes I do.
If you had braces, you would too.
- Unknown author


Andrea said...

I had braces for FIVE years, so I can appreciate his disdain! :o)

Diane at Perfectly Imperfect Life said...

I was told I did not need braces as a child (even though I had an overbite) and so never had them, but I grew up hating that overbite.

I finally ended up getting braces when I was 34 and I love that my teeth no longer stick out!

How I wish I had had it fixed when I was a kid and everyone else had braces too!

Katsui Jewelry said...

What a handsome son! He sure looks grown-up!
It is dreary here, too, and I want to be somewhere else. When the sun shines, I am always happier!

Ed Hochhalter said...

Well it's normal for us guys to feel that way, 'coz we thought that girls might hate us for having braces. But I've realized that having those is really fantastic! You could still look handsome even with braces on!