Saturday, May 15, 2010

A glimpse into our bedroom

These curtains may not look like much, but the memories behind them our priceless! During our Europe trip in 2008 (which we refer to as 'Eur08')  we bought this material at an open air market in Belgium for the sole purpose of making curtains out of them (I had a vision, but no window measurements).  When we returned I made drapes for our living room windows.  The following year we bought a new house and of course we took them with us! Today, I hung them on the windows in our bedroom, and as luck has it, they fit perfectly!

Honestly, our bedroom is the ideal place for them as it's the home to most of our traveling treasures.

We have a vaulted ceiling and way up high is this shelf which is a great place (in my opinion, so I don't have to dust them as often) for our worldly collection.

Our newest additions are from Jamaica... A wood carving and a small drum.

The next thing to go up there may be from China! ;0) No, I'm not talking about something we buy at Walmart! I'm hinting about where we hope to be visiting in 2011!


Susan said...

Hi Amy....Loved your treasures. What a great place for them, way up above. Very nice remembrances. Wow, you think you might go to China? Does your husband travel for his business? How wonderful to see different parts of the world. Sincerely, Susan

Katsui Jewelry said...

Amy...I love those curtains...and I love all your treasures in your bedroom...much like us!!! China would be fabulous. I have two nephews there (KC ones!) and they are having a great time. They even sent me beads!

Andrea said...

How fortunate you are to be able to see the world! I haven't so much as seen outside the state of Indiana in almost 7 months...Whew! I am going through travel withdrawals!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Love that you bought the fabric from Paris to make drapes. What a fabulous idea!
Your trip to Jamacia looks dreamy!
Thanks for stopping by!