Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday Gift- 4 1/2 hour assembly time?!

Today is my son's 12th birthday, and for his gift we purchased him a basketball goal.

Last night we thought we would sneak out and put it together real quick so it would be all ready for him to find this morning. Well, real quick turned into 4 1/2 hours! Try sneaking outside for that long! I put my 15 year old in charge of entertaining him! He said it was a very hard task, because not only were we taking a long time, we were also making a lot of noise!

Who would have guessed something that looks so simple would take soooo long to put together. We didn't even have any issues. Well, except those 5 times when we thought they had forgotten to put such a vital part in the box. "How could they do that?! We NEED that part, if we don't have that part we can't put it together. Oh, how disappointing, why can't they just get everything in the box! Rrr, there aren't even any more at the store, nothing we can do... OH, THERE THE PART IS!" The first part we couldn't find, the hubby ended up finding at the bottom of the driveway where it had rolled, the other 4.. just highly disquised. ;)

It's possible I am just pessimetic. Anytime I ever had put something together I've always worried that something would be missing. Does anyone else do that?


Susan said...

Congratulations on getting the hoop up,Amy. It looks pretty challenging to me. Good work! Susan

Kristi said...

I am VERY impatient when I put things together! Especially things that are complicated! However, my husband has the patients of a SAINT!
This is the perfect gift though, he will LOVE IT|! My boys have one and use it ALL the time! Great exercise too! :)

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

So many times on Christmas eve it has been well after midnight that I finally get to bed for just the same reasons.

Hope he had a wonderful day.