Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Gratitude & White Wednesday

My grandmother "Baba" turned 80 last weekend and this was one of the beautiful arrangments that arrived at her house.
How grateful I am to still have my grandmother at her age. She is an amazing woman and the glue to our family. We all sat around and told stories about how she influenced each of our lives.

It was also my brother's birthday weekend. He received a different kind of flower arrangement (which I think is great!) It is carnations in a mug full of yellow glass stones, water, and a little foam looking stuff at the top (meant to resemble a beer or a float).


32˙North said...

How wonderful you were all able to be together for the 80th birthday! My grandparents and great aunt and uncle are all coming for dinner on Sunday - they range in ages from 83-87. We all grew up here in the same town and I never get tired of hearing their stories.


Gypsy Heart said...

How fortunate to still have her! My grandmother passed away in the 60's and I still think of her constantly and will always miss her.

Thank you for sharing!

Heidi said...

That's so nice, your Grandma's a cutie. I never really knew my grandmothers so I understand how special it is that you are able to spend time with yours. I cherish the time we have together with my husband's family, and so grateful that my girls have gronwn up knowing their cousins. They are best friends, and that's a bond that won't ever be broken.
Thanks for linking up today. Have a wonderful week.
Heidi - Heart and Home

A Cottage Muse said...

She is beautiful...Happy Birthday to her and to your brother!

Apron Senorita said...

It is such a wonderful blessing to have your grandmother. Best wishes for many happy memories.

Yoli :)

~~Carol~~ said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandma! She's so lovely! That floral arrangement that she received is spectacular, and I also like the one that your brother got. How fun!
Happy White Wednesday!

Olga said...

Happy birthday to your Grandma and your brother. Your Grandma's flower arrangement is gorgeous and your brother's one is so fun.

Faded Charm said...

Beautiful white flower arrangement....I could only wish to celebrate my 80th with white flowers. Wish her a Happy Birthday for me.


Katsui Jewelry said...

What a beautiful baba!