Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Million Pillowcase Challenge- Join me?

Remember this material I bought back in February without a purpose?

It now has a purpose! I am going to be part of the "One Million Pillowcase Challenge". Basically you make pillowcases and donate them to local charities. Who doesn't want to sleep on a clean new pillow case of their own? I think I will donate the ones I make to a womens shelter.

Some of the donation suggestions for the challenge include:
•Operation Support for Deployed Military
•Department of Human Services
•Child Welfare Services
•Nursing homes
•Oncology units
•Women’s shelters
•Youth shelters
•Runaway shelters
•Hospice centers
•Red Cross
•United Way
•Ronald McDonald House
•Veteran’s clinics/hospitals
•Transitional Residences
•Victims of fires
•Victims of hurricanes
•Victims of floods
•Church World Service
•Lutheran Refugee Services
•Catholic Charities
•Pediatric Surgery Centers of local hospitals

Check out this girl who is going to hand out these 47 pillowcases at her upcoming 1 month hospital stay...

Or these ladies who made 64 pillowcases to donate to a nursing home...

Care to join me? Read all about the challenge here: 
There are even free fun patterns on their website.


Katsui Jewelry said...

I just got a machine. I am actually hiring a friend to teach me to sew. This would be a good beginning project, don't you think?
I love your classy.
P.S. This is a whole new area...I opened my package. I cannot recall being so thrilled with a swap. I will write soon. Did you get the second box from me?

Susan said...

That's a great idea, Amy. Unfortunately, I don't sew. But I think it's wonderful people are doing that, including you! Susan

Katsui Jewelry said...

Hi, sweet Amy. I just put up a post about my wonderful swap with you. I wanted you to see.My photos are so-so but the thought of gratefulness must come through. I am still totally overwhelmed.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!