Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Front Garden

I added a new flower garden in the front of our house today. It's a lot larger then it looks in the photo. It's raised so it's hard to see the island shape of it.
I was attempting to tie the tree on the front corner of our lot, and add a place for some daylillies and a father's day gift for my hubby from my sons (I'll post soon about that).

Also note the new birdbath closer to the house.
I really hate pulling up healthy grass but at the same time I really like flowers! ;) P.S. This is day 5 without diet coke, amazingly not a single headache (of course this is the first day I felt like doing something other than sleep!)


Mimi said...

Amy, you are pretty brave to do any gardening in this hot, humid weather! Your raised island is going to be lovely once everything has filled out.
Congrats on kicking the Coke habit! Gee, that doesn't sound very good, does it! I am so glad I never, ever
cared for carbonated drinks.

Susan said...

Very nice flower bed, Amy. I like the birdbath, too. Congratulations on the going without Coke. I know giving up any addiction is hard so GOOD FOR YOU. Susan