Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Organizing Restaurant Coupons

First just let me say, I HATE eating out without a coupon. That is why it's important to me to keep our restaurant coupons organized, so it's easy to find one when we need one.  To keep track of these coupons our family keeps a notebook (with clear protectant pages) to store them in.
This is not the three ring binder type. It's just one solid notebook with the pages built in (portfolio style)

The notebook also houses all of the menus of places that we enjoy eating at (but does not store any other type of coupons). If we have a coupon for that restaurant it sits in front of the menu. As we get new coupons in the mail I just swap out the old for the new.
When we are having dinner out we can flip through the book and decide on what makes our tummies sing the most. And this style of notebook makes it easy for use to grab if we are headed to a movie and aren't sure where we will eat afterwards (nothing falls out!).
At the back of the notebook we keep the stray coupons, of places that we would like to try sometime. Rule #1 for this book is we never put a coupon in that we have no interest in using. Just because it's a restaurant coupon, does not mean it's going to make it in our book.  I always keep a few choice coupons in my wallet too, just in case! I told you I hate to eat out without a coupon right?!
How do you keep your restaurant coupons organized?


Mariesa M. said...

That's a good idea! I'm going to use it!

Andrea said...

Did you see my square foot gardens??? Thanks so much for turning me onto it!!!

Susan said...

Good idea Amy. I honestly have no system to store coupons and most of the time, I forget them. Sad but true. Susan

McCarthy Designs said...

What a geat idea Amy, I keep all of mine in a plastic sleeve in a drawer but I love the idea of this book, so easy to flick through and the fact you can just take the whole thing on your way out of the door is great! xx

Anonymous said...

Good idea! We eat out a lot (I do so hate to cook!) and our coupons are cluttered all over the front of the refrigerator. Enjoyed your blog. I follow now!

Liz (aka Ninny, because that's what the grandbabies call me.)

Deanna said...

This is a fantastic way to organize your coupons.
Great idea and so glad you shared this.
God bless,