Saturday, January 23, 2010

1 Day Closet Makeover

I've been pretty busy lately so I've been behind in keeping up a few areas of my life. Today, I decided to to spend my Saturday taking care of one of those areas, my CLOSET. It could have been an overwhelming task but I knew if I broke it into smaller tasks that I could get it done in a day. One of the reasons I told myself the closet was getting so bad was because there just wasn't enough room for all of my fiance' and my clothes. The closet is a decent size but it just seemed like it needed to be laid out different. I've been thinking for months of a way to add some more hanging place, and make the closet feel bigger. Today I accomplished that.

Step 1: Examine the situation.

Ahhh. Have I really been living like this??
Step 2: Clear out the space.
After clearing out my closet I decided to take a peak in the attic space above it and see if I could use any space up there for our luggage that keeps getting moved from one closet to another.
Sure enough.. there was plenty of space just no flooring. So... I made a trip to the hardware store and picked up some!
Step 3: Plan out the space.
Step 4: Create more practical space (I added a shelf and moved an existing shelf).

Step 5: Sort and get rid of what you can (unfortunately I'd already donated a bunch of clothes recently so I kept most of everything).
It's hard to believe there is a king size bed under there!

Step 6: Move back in, and organize as you go.
Step 7: Smile and pat yourself on the back, mission accomplished.
1 Day + total cost of $33. I saved money by using what I had and buying just what I needed to get the job done. If I hadn't planned I may have spent money on things that I really didn't need. I also thought long and hard about how to put all the space to good use, even looked outside the box, (or in this case, the closet) and considered the attic for additional storage.