Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chorizo & chile ancho Enchiladas

So it all started when I was cleaning out my pantry and found 5+ pounds of potatoes that were rapidly aging (okay I forgot I had). I called up one of my best friends and asked her if I could borrow her recipe for the enchiladas that use a bunch of potatoes. Well, she is such a great friend that she offered to pick up a few things for them and head over this afternoon so we could make them together. I'm lucky to have her as even with her they took a few hours but the results were awesome. We had enchiladas for dinner tonight, I froze some for another night (some time this month since we won't be eating out) AND my friend had enchiladas to bring home to her family. And let me just say they are YUMMY! Much different then the chicken enchiladas I make at least once a month. And the recipe calls for 5lbs of potatoes so problem solved. Here are some of the pics from start to finish.

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Heather said...

of course I dont mind- I'm FLATTERED to be on that list :) Thanks for adding me and for reading!

Your blog is looking GREAT! you are doing a great job for just starting! I look forward to reading more!