Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Found a home for my cookie cutters!

I have been working on one of my new year resolutions this evening... Getting organized.
An essential part of getting organized is of course finding a home for everything. We have many items in our house that don't have a proper place. One of which, is my cookie cutters, who have been living boxed up in the basement. Why have they been in a box? They live in a box because I have long outgrown the glass jar my mom stored our cookie cutters in during my childhood (the one pictured below with a hand painted flowery lid that she most likely painted in the 70s). So today I purchased a larger glass jar hoping they would all fit and the problem would be solved.

 No such luck.
Apparently, I have enough cookie cutters now to fill up my old jar and my new jar and no room for my collection to grow.  I also couldn't decide what to do with the jars, so I temporarily placed them above a cabinet in my kitchen. I don't think this will remain their permanent home but for the time being it works. They are clean, stored properly and out of the way.

And I found some Valentine's Day cookie cutters I can't wait to use!