Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eat in Month has come to an end!

Eat in Month has come to an end, and that's good because I wasn't completely successful. I failed about 4 times, but for an entire month of breakfasts, lunches and dinners, that's really not all that bad.

At the beginning of the month I cleaned out my pantry because it looked like this...
And I blogged about how I cleaned it out ( so I could get a good start on eating in.

Unfortunately, it's time to clean the pantry out again. I guess I really should do this monthly.

The best part of eating in for the month of January, is that I wrote down what I made every night for dinner. Now I have those 31 meals for ideas when I am trying to decide on dinners for February and every month thereafter.

It really was a great experience and I appreciate Diana at 'The Chic Life' for the challenge. I love visiting her blog and she was one that inspired me to start blogging myself. Go check out her blog...