Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday's Thrift Store Finds

I don't usually shop at thrift stores but I've seen a lot of great blog postings lately with awesome finds. Yesterday, I stopped at one on a hunt for a neat frame, which I didn't find. However I did find some great things.

I found this tin box ($1.99)...

Which I decided to use as a plant holder.

This cherub, which is about 1 foot tall ($.99). The red is a reflection, it's actually solid white.
This great Hallmark card organizer, which will come in handy this week when I am organizing my stationery ($.99).

Believe it or not, this was my find of the day ($2.99). I have been on the look out for exactly this for an upcoming project, I was SO excited to finally find one at a decent price.
And for that same project I needed this (.99).
I bet you have no clue what I'm up to!

Then there was this food processor that didn't even look used ($6.99). It included all of the parts and the manual! I was super excited about this one as I've been wanting one for a while but couldn't bring myself to spending $50+ for the convenience of one.

And my oddest find (1.99).
Those are 12" tiles so this is pretty big. It's metal and I ssume it went horizontal on the wall and held votive candles. However, I plan to use it for either a scarf/ necklace holder in my walk in closet, or a piece of artwork in my teenager's room (which he already has approved of).

So all of that for under $20!

And in case you are wondering.. I tried out the food processor today on some hummus and it worked perfect!


Candace said...

I never find anything like that down here, not fair.

Candace said...

You will have to make me some of that hummus when I come back.