Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 Resolutions!

• Get organized – Keep track of appointments, etc in appt book instead of trying to remember it all, find a place for everything in the house, etc.
• Have date night once a month
• Start a new aerobic exercise and do it at least once a week.
• Buy and install new kitchen hardware.
• Have friends over at least once a month – Dinner, games, movie, or whatever
• Volunteer at least once a month.
• Go to church more often.
• Read at least one book a month
• Take a cooking class
• Add strength training to my workout schedule.
• Do more blog writing. (Blogging is new to me, I hope I don't get to addicted!)
• Write a letter at least once a month to someone I care about. – This letter will most likely be a ‘note’.
• Plan out meals once a week and make no more than 2 grocery store trips a week.
• Buy some new spices and try experimenting with them.
• Send birthday cards in the mail to family and friends.
• Start some flower seeds indoor for spring planting.
• Get fit!!
• Make new Christmas Stockings for the boys.
• Eat out no more than twice a week - starting with the Eat in Month Challenge!!
• Cook a new recipe once a week
• Be the best mom ever!!

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